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0% Balance Transfers!

Simply complete your BALANCE TRANSFER request and send to fh.credit.union@flhosp.org or (407) 303-0918.

*Terms and Conditions:
Balance Transfer APR is 0% for 12 billing cycles from date the balance transfers post to your credit card account. After the 12th cycle the standard APR applies. Standard purchase APR: 9.99% Platinum or 14.99% Classic. Transfer fee: Platinum cards 3% of the amount of each transfer with a minimum of $5.00; Classic cards 5% of the amount of each transfer with a minimum of $5.00. Promotion Period is 4-1-2017 thru 7-31-2017.
1. If transfer information you provide is incomplete, the Florida Hospital Credit Union will not be able to process the transfer request. Transfers will be sent to only recognized creditors or financial institutions and will not be sent to your home or billing address.
2. Balances may not be transferred from any account issued by Florida Hospital Credit Union.
3. Please continue to make your minimum payment until the request transfer payment appears on the account’s billing statement. Florida Hospital Credit Union is not responsible for any remaining balance on that account, or for any finance or other charges you incur due to delays in transferring a balance.
4. If you transfer an amount for a transaction you dispute, you may lose some or all of your rights against the other creditor.
5. While Florida Hospital Credit Union can pay your accounts directly, it cannot close them for you. If you wish to close any of the transfer accounts, you must do so yourself.
6. Account balance transfers are contingent upon account setup and assigned credit limit. In some cases, Florida Hospital Credit Union may not be able to process a balance transfer request. In the event that you request multiple transfers, each transfer, will be processed in the order that we deem appropriate for business or other reasons, up to the applicable limit.

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