Florida Hospital Credit Union


FHCU Certificate of Deposits (CD)

Our Certificate of Deposit program is designed to maximize your earnings, while providing the comfort and security that you expect from your Credit Union. The minimum opening balance is only $1000.00.

Some of the great features that our CD accounts offer are:

  • Peace of mind- knowing your funds are Federally Insured up to $250,000.
  • Highly competitive FIXED interest rates.
  • Interest begins accruing from the date of deposit.

When you invest in a Certificate of Deposit, you contract with Florida Hospital Credit Union to place funds in the Account for a specific term. The interest rate, and corresponding annual percentage yield, on a fixed-rate certificate will be fixed when the deposit is made and will remain in effect until the maturity date. Additional deposits are not permitted during the term of investment. Interest is credited monthly.


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